The Berlin Bear Coffee


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The perfect present for coffee lovers with our DO THE DONT’S Berlin Bear on top!

DO THE DONT’S means: Sometimes you should take a minute to wind down and enjoy. For times like this, we recommend our Coffee and Espresso. Both have a full-bodied taste that pleases all coffee lovers.

Choose: Espresso and the bear in color black or filter coffee and the bear in color grey.

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Delicious Coffee meets Berlin Bear

The Berlin present

Everyone who loves Berlin and coffee will be more than happy to receive The Berlin Bear Coffee by DO THE DONT’S as a present.

DO THE DONT’S Coffee and Espresso is made by our partner Pushermann UG in Berlin. The Berlin Bear is made by hand by the artist Crochetine.

Black or light grey, strong or mild

Our strong Bluetop Espresso goes perfectly with the black Berlin Bear. DO THE DONT’S Espresso is a blend of three different coffees: a natural processed Yellow Catuai & a pulped-natural Yellow Bourbon out of Brazil combine to provide a bold, sweet base. To that, we add a fully washed Indonesian for body and a bit of spice.

Our Coffee Ethiopian Limu comes with the light grey Berlin Bear. DO THE DONT’S Coffee is a blend of sundried natural and semi-washed Yellow Bourbon out of Brazil. To that, we add a fully washed Indonesian.

Product Properties Coffee
Made in Berlin
Produced by Pushermann UG
Beans Bluetop Espresso & Ethiopian Limu


Made in Berlin

Produced by Crochetine, Chrsitine Anders

Material and care 100% cotton, filling 100% polyester, hand wash cold, 18cm, not suitable for babies and toddlers, 18cm

Bluetop Espresso

Ethiopian Limu


Ethiopian Limu – Light Grey, Bluetop Espresso – Black